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Synchronicity: Meaning and How to Spot This Type of Event

In this post, we are going to talk about the meaning of synchronicity and how to spot this type of event in your day-to-day life.

Synchronicity Meaning, According to Experts

Synchronicities are the Universe’s way of getting your attention and guiding you in a specific direction, according to spiritual life counsellor and manifestation coach Julia Storm.

As certified spiritual life coach and reiki master Georgina Caro explains, synchronicities are seemly meaningless coincidences that actually have more meaning behind them.

As spirituality writer Rachel Clare puts it, synchronicity in the context of spirituality refers to unlinked events or occurrences that appear to have some sort of relation.

Typically, a person will encounter something in their day-to-day life and usually think nothing of it. However, if they see reference to this things the following day, or perhaps even every day for weeks after, this is what becomes synchronicity.

I love the way author and  JD Psychic Explorer Mark Anthony puts it:

Is everything in life simply a random Las Vegas style “roll-of-the-dice”? Not a chance! Everyone experiences synchronicity, a seemingly unplanned sequence which leads to a life altering event.

The word synchronicity has seeped into our culture as a term used to describe events which seem to neatly fall into place such as being in the right place at the right time, bumping into someone again and again, or experiencing a series of small coincidences that feel destined in hindsight. 

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How to Spot Synchronicities

According to author Lisa Honig Buksbaum, when you pay attention and expect guidance from the universe and your own inner knowingness, then you start to notice, appreciate, and expect meaningful coincidences to occur with greater frequency. 

As Alice Williams M.D. explains, two good ways to spot synchronicities are the following:

  • Be open to the possibility of guidance from beyond. Synchronicities may be messages from your angels or guides, providing you with guidance when you need it most.
  • Be open to new experiences. When you’re open to new possibilities, you’re more likely to notice synchronicities popping up in your life.

“If you’re seeing signs and symbols everywhere and feeling like everything is connected, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing synchronicity. Trust your intuition and see where the signs lead you,” explains Williams.

I really like how Georgina Caro puts it:

When you take a step back and learn how to observe your life rather than get sucked too deep into it you will start to see more and more synchronicities.

The more in tune and in line with your purpose you are the more these synchronicities will happen. Think of them as a set of experiences that, when put together, start to form a bigger picture.

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