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Does Your Twin Flame Love You? Here Are a Few Signs

Ever wondered what are the main signs your twin flame loves you? Then this article might be what you’re looking for.

When I was a teenager, I dreamt of having the perfect love life.

I didn’t really know what exactly I was looking for in a partner. My friends who fell in love in high school didn’t have a relationship that lasted longer than a year or two. I was hoping for a love that wasn’t so transient.

Seeing those breakups, I decided not to go for any random guy just for the sake of being with someone.

I developed a habit of reading spiritual books about manifestation, karmic bonds, love, and relationships.

More than anything else, the concept of twin flames caught my attention. I got a better understanding of the twin flame love connection by reading content written by subject matter experts and watching interviews.

And today I want to share with you something important that I’ve learned about this topic: the signs your twin flame loves you.

It’s a natural instinct wanting to know whether someone has feelings for you the same way as you do for them.

This becomes even more important when those are romantic feelings for your meant-to-be “other half” aka twin flame.

So, if you’ve found someone with whom you have that kind of connection and are now wondering if they love you back, this article might be what you’re looking for.

Before We Start, What Is a Twin Flame?

Twin flames are usually described as two halves of the same soul.

To put it another way, these individuals belonged to one soul that later split into two bodies.

During their life twin flames yearn to finally reunite.

Since your twin flame shares your same soul, you both have similar energy, vibes, fears, and insecurities. Meeting your twin flame is like seeing your inner self in the mirror.

That’s why they say the twin flame journey helps you understand yourself better — even though that doesn’t always feel comfortable.

This type of relationship demands some important efforts to grow as an individual.

Being with your twin flame allows you to work on your shortcomings. The relationship helps you both become your better versions of yourselves.

Signs Your Twin Flame is in Love With You

Here are nine signs your twin flame genuinely loves you.

1. They make you feel comfortable

If someone is your twin flame, you’ll feel a sense of belonging, comfort, and safety with them that you’ve never felt with anyone else.

You feel accepted unconditionally.

If they’re in love with you, they’ll make sure you feel emotionally safe, as if you are in the right place at the right time.

All this happens because of an inexplicable familiarity you both feel with each other.

To put it another way, if your twin flame makes you feel comfortable every time you’re with them, they’re probably in love with you.

2. They persistently challenge you to become a better version of yourself

You meet you mirror soul to overcome your shortcomings, learn and grow as an individual.

Relationship expert, Cara Kovacs confirms that this is a twin flame relationship’s main purpose.

When you and your mirror soul love each other, interacting with each other challenges and pushes you beyond your limits and helps you unleash your true potential.

Either consciously or subconsciously, you both do the same for each other.

3. They are excited to share everything with you

If you’re always the first one to know what’s going on in their life, every single day, it’s a sign your twin flame is in love with you. They find it natural to share their ups and downs with you.

Whether it’s the big promotion they’ve been waiting for months, their upcoming weekend trip, or the random argument they had with their mother, your twin flame will tell you about it before telling anyone else.

They also find it exciting to introduce you to their friends and family. They never want to keep things hidden from you. It feels amazing — and totally natural at the same time — how effortlessly they open up to you.

4. They love to be around you

If your twin flame loves you, they find it hard to spend time away from you. They’ll frequently come up with new plans (or even excuses) to be with you in person.

This happens because they crave to spend quality time with you.

Even when they can’t be with you physically, they find ways to connect with you. They love to reaffirm their presence in your life by constantly checking on you over call or text.

Beside their conscious efforts, you are often drawn to each other in one way or another. You can feel your lives are connected — and that’s something you can’t control.

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5. They always support you

Your mirror soul supports you in everything.

They are always there as your biggest cheerleader and are always the first ones to offer help if you need it.

They give you not only love, but also emotional and practical support.

A twin flame in love chooses to stay with you regardless of the challenges you both might encounter in life, says clinician Lauren Cook.

6. They help you grow

A twin flame comes into your life to turn you into a person who can love unconditionally. This is possible only when you love and accept yourself fully.

However, as everyone else, you’ll probably have some insecurities and self-doubt that might limit your spiritual growth.

A twin flame who is in love with you encourages you to face and work on those insecurities. Sometimes they’re aware of that, sometimes they do it unconsciously.

This is their role in your personal growth journey.

7. They adjust their lifestyle if it helps them to be with you

If your mirror soul easily accepts any change in their plans just to be closer to you, it’s another sign they are in love with you.

This could be any lifestyle change like moving into your apartment, to your neighborhood or quitting an unhealthy habit like smoking.

When your twin flame falls in love with you, they’re also awakened to their higher self.

This naturally pushes them to welcome any adjustment that makes them feel better, and closer to you.

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8. They don’t need words to understand your feelings

The whole concept of twin flames is based on this amazing type of soul connection two halves of the same soul share.

The bond between twin flames is nurtured by mutual trust and understanding.

If your mirror soul loves you, they can sense your emotions and thoughts before you can even explain them, confirms Astrologer Alice Alta.

9. Telepathy

Like I said, twin flames share a unique and powerful bond.

They are connected emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

And they don’t have to be physically together to feel that deep connection. Just your existence in each other’s lives feels special.

If your mirror soul shares a telepathic connection with you and gets you like no one else, they’re probably in love with you.

Relationship writer, Jheff Castro includes telepathy as a powerful sign of true twin flame love.

Final Thoughts

Every person wants to reassure their partner that they feel the same way as they do. It becomes even more important when you have a strong spiritual bond.

When two people share the same soul, their energy level also remains the same.

Still, it could be confusing at times to trust your gut because of some past experiences. But with the help of the above guide, you know which are the signs your twin flame actually loves you.

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