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If Your Twin Flame Is Thinking of You Sexually, You May See These Signs

In this article we will talk about some signs your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

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The spark between twin flames is sensational. They vibe with an intense connection. The question is, is it possible to sense if your twin flame is having sexy thoughts about you?

When I first started writing, the spirituality and relationship genre attracted me a lot. I started reading different books on relationships, love, and manifestation.

One of the topics I found really interesting was the concept of twin flames. I further nurtured my knowledge about it by reading more books and articles and watching videos by subject matter experts.

Today, with that knowledge, I will help you understand the possible signs to understand if your twin flame is thinking of you sexually.

What is a Twin Flame?

Before going any further, let us briefly discuss a twin flame.

They are the two parts of the same soul. Specifically, two individuals belonging to the same soul, split into two bodies, are called twin flames.

Sharing the same soul as yours’ suggests both of you have the same insecurities, energy, fears, and thoughts. Being with them is like seeing your reflection on the other side of the mirror.

Unlike soul mates, twin flame relationships are intensely romantic and there’s often a stronger sexual connection.

Signs Your Twin Flame is Thinking of You Sexually

If you’re keen to realize if your twin flame is having sexual thoughts about you, the following are the signs you should check.

1. You Get Erotic Dreams

Dreams are a mystery. There could be abundant theories on why we dream of a particular thing, but science has yet to suggest some real answers.

Psychologist Sigmund Freud said dreams are the ticket to our unconscious mind. Dreams are powerful. There have been multiple instances of people sharing the same dreams, as suggested by Psychology Today.

Does this signify that a psychic gateway helps you connect with others while having a dream?

If yes, twin flames would derive complete advantage of the situation, accounting for their telepathic connections.

If you have erotic dreams about them, it could be a great indicator that they are returning the same energy to their twin flame and having a shared experience.

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2. You Feel Their Touch in Their Absence

Relationship blogger Kiran Athar says you find a more profound sense of excitement in the presence of your twin flame and have the strong urge to develop an intense sexual bond.

This feeling often makes you feel their touch even if they’re not around.

Feeling your twin flame’s touch in their absence is a different feeling. This might sound a bit creepy, but is indeed a scintillating experience.

You’ll be elated to have a sensation of their fingertips all through your skin and body, giving you a satisfaction that transcends physical touch.

Having such sensations dictates an intense connection between you two, and chances are high that your twin flame has similar sexy imaginations about you.

3. You Feel Sudden Strong Urges

Have you ever suddenly felt sexually aroused out of nowhere? Or, do you often get instant intense urges during random times of the day?

These signs usually indicate your twin flame is thinking about you sexually.

For some individuals, it might be when they first get up in the morning; for others, it might be any other part of the day. When you think of your twin flame in this manner, the same energy gets in the cycle.

If you often have this feeling of sudden sexual arousal, chances are both you and your twin flame are in the same energy and crave similar experiences.

4. They Get in Touch with You When You’re Thinking of Them

Have you ever seen your twin flame getting in touch with you when you were thinking of them? Often marked as a strange coincidence, this is something many people have been through.

I can relate to this as I experienced something similar just before getting into an official relationship with Jay.

When I’d be thinking of him or wanting to talk to him badly, my phone would beep with a text from him.

This would make my heart dance in happiness and give me a feeling of belonging.

This is telephonic telepathy, a significant indicator of twin flames thinking about each other. If you have sexual fantasies about them, don’t be shocked if a sudden message from them drops in your inbox.

5. You Get Goosebumps

Did you know goosebumps are regarded as one of the prominent psychic signs that your twin flame is thinking of you? It won’t count if you’re sitting in an airy room.

But what if you’re not in a room that doesn’t feel so cold, and yet you get goosebumps? It’s often considered a telepathic indication that someone is thinking sexually about you.

The goosebumps you experience are your subconscious way of responding to that particular energy frequency.

You’ll have some kind of sensation when someone you’re sexually drawn to will touch you with their mind.

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Miscellaneous Additional Signs Your Twin Flame is Think About You Sexually

Other than these five prominent signs, some more signals of your twin flame thinking of you sexually include:

  • You might hear their voice even if they aren’t around, and it arouses you.
  • You have an erotic experience of shivers running down your spine thinking of them, which indicates you’re returning their energy.
  • You find a magical sensation inside yourself while thinking of them. This sudden surge in your energy is a significant indicator that they’re having sexy thoughts about you.

Wrapping Up

Here’s a quick recall of the signs that indicate your twin flame is thinking of you sexually:

  • You get erotic dreams: Dreams are a like a gateway to your subconscious mind. If you get sexy dreams about your twin flame, it might be a sign they’re thinking about you sexually.
  • You can feel their touch in their absence: You have an intense connection with them that makes you feel their touch even if they are not around. This is another indicator of your twin flame having sexual thoughts of you.
  • You Have Sudden, Strong Urges: If you have sudden strong urges during any time of the day or feel sexually aroused, it’s another indicator that you have a strong sexual connection with your twin flame.
  • They Get in Touch with You While You Think of Them: Just when you’re thinking about them, they might text you, making it an excellent coincidence. This might be a prominent signal of them thinking of you sexually.
  • You Get Goosebumps: Thinking about them gives you literal goosebumps. This is another telepathic sign of both returning the same energy and craving similar erotic experiences.

The connection between twin flames is magical and gives a peaceful vibe to the individuals experiencing it.

Was there someone on your mind while you were reading this article all along? Did you relate to any of these signs? If yes, you know where the indication goes.

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