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Is Your Twin Flame Trying to Communicate with You?

In this article we will talk about the signs your twin flame is communicating with you, even during separation.

Often, the hardest part about trying to figure out if your twin flame is thinking about you is to separate what you want from reality.

While sometimes reality and your desires merge, that’s not always the case.

If you want to believe your twin flame is communicating with you, examine your desire. Is it a healthy one? Are you sensing their communication or projecting your unfinished business?

The first step to figure this out is to understand the difference between a twin flame and a soulmate.

Twin Flame vs Soulmate: What’s the Difference?

Soulmates and twin flames are often used interchangeably, but they have key differences. Your soulmate is a person you feel like you belong with and choose to share your life loving. They are the perfect mate for your soul.

The twin flame, on the other hand, is the equivalent of one soul splitting in two. They aren’t your perfect match. In fact, they are your perfect mirror.

They reflect back to you all that you love and hate about yourself. And they reflect your issues, your hopes, and your dreams. In a twin flame relationship, you have the ability to elevate one another — or to ensure your mutual destruction.

Here are a few signs your twin flame is communicating with you.

11 Signs Your Twin Flame is Communicating with You

You Dream About Them

If you keep dreaming about your twin flame, it’s possible that they are consciously or unconsciously reaching out to communicate with you.

If you know them, you already recognize them when they appear in your dreams. You may have recurring dreams of them even when they weren’t consciously on your mind.

If you don’t know them, you still feel that sense of recognition. They’ll come to you as a face you’ve never seen but feel like you know.

You may dream about them over and over before you’ve ever met them in person.

You Recognize Them

If you’ve never met them in real life, you’ll recognize them from seeing them in your dreams.

Even if you haven’t dreamed about them, something about the connection will feel more like an old memory than making a new one.

You will feel as if you’ve known them forever, even when you’ve just met.

That soul recognition could continue in your interactions as you complete each other’s sentences, intuit exactly what they’re going to say or do next, and find unusual things you have in common.

It’s like seeing yourself. That’s the level of recognition you’ll feel when you meet them and spend time in their presence.

You Feel Their Thoughts and Feelings

Do you ever feel thoughts and feelings that don’t seem to belong to you? This could be a sign your twin flame is reaching out.

Sudden, unexplained feelings could be a side effect of your strong psychic link with your twin.

If your twin flame is someone you’ve already encountered, you could feel as if you sense the ebb and flow of their emotions.

You know that the experience isn’t coming from your own life, and you feel certain that you’re picking up on fluctuations in theirs.

You Keep Seeing Reminders of Them

This is one of the most important signs your twin flame is communicating with you.

If you haven’t met your twin flame, you might see life synchronicities that make you feel certain you soon will.

If you have met them and have even partnered them, you’ll keep seeing reminders of them when they’re trying to communicate with you.

The reminders are often subtle. You’ll walk in a restaurant and hear them playing “your” song as a couple.

You’ll hear a phrase that they were fond of saying or see something perfect for them in a store window. The reminders are everywhere — whether you want them or not.

They Keep Coming Up in Conversation

In conversation, they just keep coming up. You’re not even bringing them up, but it seems like everyone else is attuned to a wavelength that has them passing the message.

A family member mentions them out of the blue. A friend asks suddenly if you’ve heard from them.

You keep being reminded that your other half is somewhere else in the world — and likely thinking of you.

Your Emotional Wounds are Amplified

Because your twin flame is a mirror, expect for your emotional wounds to be amplified. This is the painful part of the twin flame experience.

You’ll absolutely bring out the worst in each other, but the purpose of bringing up those triggers is to heal them — not to hurt each other against them.

Many twin flame relationships don’t last. The triggers are too painful, and the work of healing is hard. It can be difficult to want to face your own demons and to have a partner that keeps resurrecting them.

Until you address your healing, you will keep being reminded that it’s needed. It’s also a sign that your twin flame is reaching out. Let the reminder be a nudge in the direction of healing.

You Feel a Strong Need to Improve Yourself

Twin flames don’t just remind us of our wounds. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. If you suddenly feel a strong need for self-improvement, you could be experiencing twin flame communication.

It’s not unusual to see both halves of a twin flame connection suddenly experience mutual and seemingly unconnected glow-ups. The connection is an encouragement for each person to become better.

You Experience Strong Physical Sensations

Do you suddenly experience strong physical sensations out of nowhere? This could be a sign to consult your doctor.

In fact, that’s the first thing you’ll need to do before you decide it’s just a twin flame connection rearing its powerfully assertive head.

Physical sensations are the body’s way of communicating. If you want to believe it’s your twin flame but fail to do your due diligence by seeing a medical professional, you could put yourself in actual mortal peril.

Be smart about it and rule out medical explanations first. Then, once that’s done, you’ll have a better handle on if this sign could be an indicator you’ve got a twin flame sending out an SOS to you.

You Experience Sudden, Intense Emotion Out of Nowhere

Just as you might experience random bodily sensations, you could feel intense emotions out of nowhere.

When you’ve connected with someone at a soul level, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the connection doesn’t just close completely. It’s possible that the surge of anger you experienced is linked to your soul mirror, the twin flame.

It’s also possible that the strong emotion you feel is their desire to be in contact with you. This is the one that’s the most tempting to believe if you want to be in contact with them.

It’s important to decide if this sign leads you to reach out and make contact or if it would be unwise to do so. Only you know the nature of the relationship and what is best for you.

You Are Keenly Aware of Their Proximity and Distance at All Times

Do you feel their distance at all times? Do you sense when they’re near? When they go on vacation, do you sense the miles keenly?

This is a part of the twin flame connection, too. Being hyperaware of their presence is a twin flame thing. It’s also a trauma and hypervigilance thing.

Are you simply aware, or do you experience anxiety? That’s the question you need to ask to figure out if you’re experiencing awareness or a sensation more akin to heightened trauma.

Why is this important to decipher? Twin flames are mirrors, and they can be toxic ones. If you’re not elevating each other, you may be bringing each other down. It happens.

You need to realize that twin flame relationships aren’t a guarantee of future happiness together. Often, twin flames meet, learn the lessons needed, and go onto find their soulmates in other people.

You Keep Being Drawn Back Together

A powerful sign that your twin flame is communicating with you is that you keep being drawn back together.

Even though twin flames can run hot and cold, there’s an underlying magnetism that keeps drawing you together.

You’ll notice that many twin flames are on again and off again. They leave, they come back, and then they keep repeating the cycle until one or both parties decide to make different choices.

But a key sign that they are thinking of you and communicating with your soul is that you keep being drawn to them even after you’ve moved on.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the rub: toxic twin flames aren’t meant to stay together. They aren’t your best match. They’re just the most likely to elevate you if you choose to heal.

That doesn’t mean they can’t end in a happily ever after story. It absolutely can.

If you bring each other’s wounds to the surface and focus on healing your own wounds while supporting your partner in healing theirs, you can learn, grow, and elevate together. You can heal yourselves and inspire each other. The love is capable of lasting — but only if both people are willing to do the work.

And it’s hard work. Not every twin flame can do it. Not every twin flame is meant to do it either.

If you can learn to separate what it is you want from what it is you truly need, you’ll be able to see if your twin flame is one that’s destined to keep you warm for life or if it is only ever meant to burn bright and burn out.

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