Hello! And welcome to Selfendipity.

On this website we talk a lot about spirituality, love, personal growth, mindfulness and astrology.

We are a group of coaches and writers who are passionate about these topics and who love to share their knowledge with others.

A little bit about us.

Melissa Miller

Melissa is the owner of Selfendipity.

She is a life coach who loves to create content about personal growth, mindfulness, spirituality, astrology and numerology.

Crystal Jackson

Crystal is a former therapist turned author and yoga instructor. She writes about psychology, self-improvement and relationships.

She is the author of the Heart of Madison series.

Her work has been featured on media outlets like Elephant Journal, Elite Daily, Your Tango, The Urban Howl, Positively Positive, Sivana Spirit, Mamamia, The Truly Charming and The Good Men Project.


Anamika is the pen name of a 28-year-old writer from India specialized in relationships and spirituality.