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Angel Number 11: Meaning and Why You Keep Seeing It

In this article we’ll talk about the meaning of angel number 11 and why you are seeing it often.

Have you ever saw the same number again and again?

Whether you randomly check the time on your phone and it’s 11:11 or notice this number on a car license plate, it always gives you an eerie feeling.

Even if it might feel as if the numbers are haunting you, there’s no need to worry. They are referred to as angel numbers and might be the signs you were looking for.

Angel numbers usually come in sequences that contain repetition, like 333 and 8888, or patterns, such as 345 and 9898.

It is believed that these numbers are a form of communication from the spiritual realm.

Often viewed as messages from a higher being, they offer guidance, directionality, and wisdom.

That’s exactly why they catch our attention and evoke a sense of wonder even when they appear in the most ordinary places.

There’s a whole science behind these patterns and sequences, known as numerology. In this article, we’ll focus on the angel number 11 meaning and explain how it affects you.

So if you’re experiencing this phenomenon or just want to learn more about the subject, continue reading to explore this topic with us.

Angel Number 11 Meaning

Seeing the angel number 11 is usually considered a blessing from the universe.

The number 11 is known as a Master Number (a repeating double-digit number), and as one, it’s believed to be quite potent in terms of vibration.

Also, its significance and meaning are also closely related to inner soul growth and spiritual enlightenment. 

Some also call this Master number “The Teacher”, since it’s meant to teach you valuable life lessons that can later be used throughout life.

It’s also related to Karma and may be a sign that you should focus more on your spiritual life. 

It usually appears in a certain period when you need to make an important life decision.

Therefore, it’s like a divine green light telling you that you’re finally able to fulfill your desires and achieve so far unachievable goals.

As an increase in your personal power, now it’s the right time for you to take action and pursue your aspirations.

Other characteristics surrounding this number are high and creative energy, enthusiasm, and intuition.

It’s important to have faith in yourself and your abilities whilst paying more attention to your thoughts and ideas. Be optimistic, the angels are here to guide you.

Number 1 meaning

Before we continue explaining the 11 angel number meaning in-depth, we should also stop for a moment and analyze the number 1, as it appears twice here.

This number is associated with new beginnings and opportunities that may come. Also, some of its characteristics are related to independence, leadership, optimism, achievements, and spiritual awakening.

Just like the angelic number 11, it’s meant to inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals.

You can view it as a wake-up call that foretells the beginning of a thrilling new chapter in your life.

So trust the process, stay focused, and maintain a positive outlook despite the obstacles you may encounter.

The significance and symbolism of the number 1 are complex and may appear in a variety of ways.

All you need to do is focus on the positive aspects of life to reach your full potential. The angels are letting you know that now’s the right time to go after your goals.

Angel Number 11: Meaning in Love

Angel number 11 is also closely related to your love life.

This number usually appears when you’re working on old relationships, but it may also affect your current or upcoming ones.

If you see it often, be sure that positive changes in your love life will happen soon

Furthermore, this number symbolizes that your love life will be quite richer in the near future.

This also involves current relationships that may be experiencing problems that will be solved very soon.

However, there’s a chance that you’ll be put in a situation where you’ll have to choose between your career and love or even between family and love.

No matter how impossible it seems to keep the balance, trust that the angels have your best interest in mind. 

Be careful not to rush things by making important decisions before you have all the needed information.

Also, try to let go of your doubts and have the courage to share your emotions. Just open up your heart and know that the angels are guiding you.

If you’re looking for a partner

If you’re single and are searching for a partner, number 11 is a sign that you’ll meet a special person soon.

Those who often see this number are usually scared to show their feelings to the person they like. And this is often their blocker.

The number 11 is a reminder to let go of any fear and allow love into your life. Don’t be afraid to show you’re interested. Let good things happen.

Once you find the courage to open up, you’ll be able to create a strong connection with your new special person.

So don’t give up; true love might be just around the corner. 

If you’re in a relationship

If you are already in a long and committed relationship, the number 11 is a sign that even better times are about to come.

Try to see your partner from a different perspective and empathize more with them. That is the key.

By trusting your partner, your love will grow, and it’ll take your relationship to a whole new different level.

The angels will make sure you’ll get the love you give in return. So don’t be scared to open your heart.

On the other hand, don’t forget that the 11 angel number meaning is also connected to new beginnings.

If you are in a toxic relationship and feel you deserve better, now is the right time to call it quits. You will find peace of mind.

Angel Number 11: Meaning in Twin Flame Relationships

As we covered how seeing this number influences your love life, we should also mention its role in twin flame relationships.

Before understanding how the angelic number 11 affects your twin flame relationship, let’s first explain what a twin flame is.

What is a twin flame?

Our twin flame, also known as our mirror soul, is extremely hard to find.

The twin flame concept comes from the belief that one soul is split into two bodies and comes in the form of an intense soul connection.

Finding your twin flame means finding your other half and beginning a journey of growth, empowerment, and expansion.

Also, while soulmate relationships feel comfortable and easy, a twin-flame connection is intense and challenging.

It’s a path of growth that begins as the other person triggers your fears and traumas and helps you heal from them, only to fulfill a greater purpose.

It’s not unusual that twin flames also share similar past experiences and trauma, making their connection and attraction intense and magnetic. 

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Angel number 11 influence in a twin flame connection

Angel number 11 focuses on one of the most sacred experiences, which is aligning your inner world to your twin flame.

It represents the two lovers coming together with an intense soul connection that helps them overcome their past traumas. 

If you still haven’t found your twin flame, this angel number will help you meet your perfect, once-in-a-lifetime match.

If you’ve already experienced this intense connection, but you parted ways with the person, don’t worry.

You will soon reconnect with your lost twin flame and develop the most uplifting and harmonious relationship with them.

When the right moment comes, your love will flow freely, and you will find what you’ve been searching for.

All you need to do is open your soul and embrace the new start of this relationship.

Meaning in Money

When it comes to money, seeing the angel number 11 is usually a positive sign.

If you’re afraid for your financial stability and feel like it’s falling apart, you shouldn’t panic.

Things are about to change and start going your way, so just focus on something that’s creative and that you love.

Your career achievements are about to pay off and you will soon be able to make more money by doing what you love. 

However, don’t let financial success cloud your judgment. It’s easy to get lost in the materialistic world and forget about what matters.

So don’t shy away from the idea of sharing your treasures by donating or helping those in need. This way, you’ll positively impact both your inner self and those around you.

Meaning in Career

Angel number 11 also impacts your professional life and financial income.

It’s a good sign when it comes to career growth because new opportunities will arise on the horizon.

Also, it’s a harbinger of extreme success in a new business or career path.

This doesn’t mean that things will just get easier; you might actually have to work a bit harder to achieve the best results.

Make sure to step forward in situations where you can showcase your leadership skills. By doing this, you’ll get closer to achieving your goals and moving in the right direction.

Your perseverance is key in this period because the number 11 usually appears to people who are close to their goals but need to be a bit more persistent.

Another important thing to mention is that it’s crucial to share your success with others to reach your goals faster.

Sometimes sacrificing your own wants and desires in order to help someone out may result in even bigger achievements. 

What to Do If You Are Seeing This Number Everywhere

If you’re experiencing this phenomenon and keep seeing the angelic number 11 everywhere you go, take it as a blessing from the universe.

It’s a way for your guardian angels to guide you and inform you about a new, thrilling phase of life.

You’ll handle this transition and new possibilities with ease because the angels are bringing positive energy to you. 

It’s easy to feel scared in front of change, especially if your life’s about to undergo a dramatic shift like this one.

Be strong, determined and continue to focus on your goals. You’ll have guaranteed success.

When you see this recurring number, we advise you to write down the decisions you make right after you see it.

By doing this, you’ll become more aware of how your decisions turn out after seeing the number 11 – and how to let this number guide you in the future.

Reasons Behind Seeing Angel Number 11

There are a few reasons behind seeing this number so often, even though it’s almost always a sign from a higher being.

Continue reading and if you find yourself in a situation as described below, direct your intention to that goal to reach great results.

Spiritual growth 

With the angel number 11 seen as a symbol of new beginnings, one of the reasons may be a sign to focus more on your spiritual growth.

If you’re relying too much on worldly goods, it is the right time to overcome your attachment to material possessions.


Another reason behind seeing the number 11 is duality.

It’s important to mention that we all have both masculine and feminine energy within us.

Seeing this number may be a challenge for you to find a balance between the two and learn to accept them. 


On the spiritual side, this angel number indicates enhanced intuition and wisdom, which will help you overcome stressful barriers.

Therefore, it may be viewed as a sign that you’re ready to begin your path to spiritual enlightenment and embrace inner strength.


Seen as a warning, this number is a sign to eliminate all negative people and thoughts from your life.

It’s time to surround yourself only with people and things that have a positive impact on your life.

Hidden Spiritual Meanings Behind Angel Number 11

We’ve already covered how angel number 11 influences the most crucial parts of your life. However, it still holds even greater power than we can imagine.

In this section, we’ll try to explain its spiritual meaning through different viewpoints, as it holds a distinct type of symbolism in many different forms. 

In tarot

From this point of view, angel number 11 is represented by the Justice Tarot card.

This card is associated with the triumph of the deserving side in law, according to Wikipedia. Also, it’s meant to guide people who are goal-oriented, disciplined, and focused.

Not to mention, it also signifies the need for honesty, wisdom, and accountability.

In numerology

The spiritual symbolism behind this angel number usually conveys a message regarding your life purpose.

It also indicates your spiritual responsibility to use your inner strength to overcome your current obstacles and move forward in life.

Not to mention, it usually represents the perfect time to go conquer your goals because your true aspirations are within reach.

No matter how difficult or challenging this path seems, you’re meant to achieve your goals.

In the Bible

The biblical meaning of the number 11 is associated with the fair judgment of humanity on one hand and chaos and imperfection on the other.

But keep in mind that both chaos and judgment are results of irresponsibility in breaching the law.

So the number 11 is also a reminder to be responsible and avoid ignoring the rules in any area of your life.


After we’ve discussed the 11 angel number meaning and all the significance it holds, it’s up to you to decide what to do with all the information.

We strongly advise you to be aware of the power it holds and the signs it’s trying to show you. As you can already see, it can manifest itself in many different aspects of your life.

Whether it’s connected to your love life and career or the angels are trying to guide you towards the right life path, you should always be mindful of the number’s meaning.

Don’t feel scared to jump into new opportunities and experiences. The angel number 11 is a sure sign that everything will go as it should.

Just remember to be a hard worker and to keep your heart open to achieve the best results.

And, of course, don’t give up hope when things get rough. The angels will always give you the guidance you need.

So don’t wait any longer. Gather your strength and accomplish what you thought was impossible.

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